It all started ..

... with a post office!    Harmony Gift Box is part of an actual gift shop.  Yes!!  Bricks and mortar!  We're right next door to the post office, so when our customers  kept asking "Do you ship?" it seemed the natural thing to do.  Harmony Gift Box was created.

From the unique bone china tea mugs  to the  witty ice cream socks, it's a stylish collection, and when you browse our selection of  gift boxes it's like walking into our store.  

What's with all the harmony, you may ask?  That's us singing!  Just kidding.  It's actually the sound of the babbling stream called Harmony Brook that runs by our shop in Brookside, a quaint little spot in New Jersey, from which we take our name.

We hope that shopping at either our store or online brings a dollop of harmony to your day.

Sally & Ella